Watch our webinar to see how easy it is to use your new or existing SMSF to invest in digital currency.

Members who already have an SMSF

Did you know you can invest into digital currency like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies using your super?

If you already have your self managed super fund set up, we can help you create your dedicated SMSF account on Cointree. You will need the following information.

  • Certified ID - Drivers Licence & Passport (All Directors & Individual Trustees)
  • Certified Trust Deed (Cover page, Schedule page and Signature page only)
  • Trust ABN
  • Trust Account Name
  • Trust beneficiary details

SMSF online setup form

Members who don't have an SMSF

Before you can create your dedicated smsf account on Cointree, you will need to set up your self managed super fund first.

We have been working closely with some SMSF providers to help simplify this process for our members. Please see our preferred providers below:

Where to get more information on Self Managed Super Fund?

For more information relating to SMSFs, check out the ATO website from the links below.

Choosing individual trustees or a corporate trustee

More on Self Managed Super Funds

SMSF investing into cryptocurrencies

Get started with Cointree

Need more information on how to get started? Our experienced local support team are here to help you get your SMSF trading account started. We will contact you directly and guide you through the process, please fill in the form below or submit your request via our ticket system. Our team member will work with you and send you the necessary forms to complete.

If you would prefer us to talk with the person managing your SMSF, you can complete a letter of authority which will allow us to do so.

Please note, that we do not provide any advice. Please talk to your trusted professional before making any decisions.

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