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Common Questions

How does it work?

Cointree has partnered with Gobbill to offer the ability for cryptocurrency owners to pay their bills with crypto through BPAY.

The great thing is that you are able to pay your bills with crypto regardless of whether crypto is accepted!


What coins can I use to pay my bill?

You can use bitcoin, ethereum or any of the other 100+ altcoins that Cointree supports.

So how do I pay bills with crypto on Cointree?

It is really easy.

  • Log into your Cointree account
  • Buy some crypto or send some to your cointree account
  • Go to the 'Pay Bill' page
  • Enter the amount of your bill and the biller code
  • Select which coin to pay the bill with. It can be bitcoin, ethereum, or 100+ altcoins
  • Select 'Process'


What exchange rate do you use?

Cointree always the best market rate available to us. The price will also be displayed at the time of payment.


What sort of bills can I pay?

You are able to pay any bill that offers BPAY payment (Most bills in Australia, over 19,000 businesses).


When will my bill be payed?

Generally, all bills will be payed the same day, or the following business day after the payment is placed.


Can I pay off my credit card with crypto?

Yes, most credit cards allow you to pay via BPAY which means you can use Cointree to pay this with crypto!


Do I need to be verified?

Yes you will need to be ID verified with Cointree to be able to pay bills. Our verification process is really quick and easy, you can find more information about this here.

Pay your bills with crypto now!